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[Fanfic] Red West II. - Chapter thirty eight


Rating: NC-17

Genre: Western, Drama, Romance
Warning: AKame pairing; vulgarisms, violence, extortion, angst
Beta-reading: atago4
Summary: Once upon a time in the west... During the wild period of the United States formation, two young men became close friends and lovers, before they had to go separate ways... After a furious search, Jin managed to find his younger brother Leo, who is now a leader of the feared gang - ´Black Riders´. 
And after Kazuya helped the remaining Indians of Blackfeet Tribe move into the reservation, he was able to track them down and so the two met again... But will they overcome the new obstacles and old enemies? And does their affectionate relationship even have any chance in those cruel times?
Thank you: To
seiko22 for always supporting me; To atago4 for awesome beta-reading; And to Kamenashi Kazuya and Akanishi Jin for being who they are...

AN: Hisashiburi, mina-san! ^^/
It has been a month and half, right? Well, what can I say? I warned you about the difficult part of the story, didn´t I? ^^´

Moreover, I had a very busy end of the last year and... let´s say also a quite difficult start of the new one.
But! After that I had a great vacation!
I spent a few days in London and Paris with my precious friends, which I enjoyed a lot and it also gave me so much energy that I was able to finish this chapter.
Even though things will keep being damn busy for me (I´m gonna move for the 4th time in my life! yaay!... please, mind the irony), it´s for a good reason.
Everything´s getting better now. Or so I believe. XD
And since there´s only 5 or 6 chapters to go, I promise that I will do my best to finish Red West II. in the first half of 2017.

For now, enough of my gabbing, the following was not easy to write, but still, I hope you´ll enjoy it as always. ^^v

I´m really grateful for every opinion or advice and always happy to know my readers.
our comments are my best reward and kick me off to try harder and keep writing.
Thank you for them, no matter how long or short they will be.

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Helpless night

„There is no pain greater than to be helpless in the face of a loved one´s suffering.”

The night was cold and calm, disrupted only rarely. Such as by the Sioux´s breathing, that was shallow and hoarse. From time to time, also the voices of guards drifted faintly through the air, as the men met on their checking points above the valley. The grains of sand crunched under the boots of two Grenet´s gunmen, who were assigned to watch over the captives and the breeze occasionally brought the scent of their cigarettes towards the stakes. And then, also a strange and very quiet noise was heard, as if something was grinding over stony ground…

All those sounds in the dark were only an insignificant background for Kame, as he was fully focused on remaining still. It was the only way to bring himself as little of pain as was possible.

His hands were tied somewhere up above his head, but he didn´t feel them anymore, as all the blood had drained down from them. His calves were contorted in convulsions, because only the tips of his feet carried the weight of his body now. But Kame didn´t move in any attempt to bring himself some relief from this uncomfortable position; it would have been useless anyway.

As Kame´s fellow prisoner whispered in his native tongue hours ago, whatever reason the Indian had for it, remaining motionless prevented both of them from hurting their backs even more than they already were. It didn´t mean that the little spikes piercing Kame´s skin hurt any less, but there was no way around it. At least, the blood stopped dripping from the small but deep injuries.

Kame knew better than to expect that Grenet would be so nice to just lock him up somewhere in the cellar, but this stake thing was something behind his expectations. Already the way he was tied up to it was painful enough, but there was also a dozen of long nails, conversely hammered in its surface, which harmed the body no matter how hard you tried to avoid it.

Despite the pain, thirst and cold, Kame felt strangely calm. He was aware that Grenet was capable of anything to get what he wanted, but he was determined to fight back. He would not give in to the pressure of that creature at all costs.

Not to mention that if his hunch was right, Jin and Koki figured out what happened quickly and they would come for him. He just hoped they would go after Leo to ask for help first, no matter that it would mean for him to spend the longer time in Grenet´s ´care´. It would be too risky if they tried to rescue him alone. Grenet was waiting only for that, for any reckless move Jin would make, Kame knew. That man wanted to get both of them... And that could not happen, not ever.

A quiet creak was heard and then the neighing of horses, followed by the sound of many hooves trotting.

“Hey! Watch out!”

“Our horses!!”

“Damn it!”

“Which idiot was supposed to close the fence?!”

Nor the steps rushing away, neither cursing of Grenet´s men made Kame move. And not even almost inaudible steps somewhere behind his stake, even though he somehow knew that he should pay attention to them. Only a gentle touch on his face tore Kame off his trance. He opened his eyes and very slowly, so that he would not move with anything else, raised his head.

At first, he didn´t want to believe it; wasn´t it just too soon for any kind of rescue? But he would have recognized those handsome features in a much deeper night, than it was at that moment, as the sky above the valley was brightening with the approaching dawn already.

“Kazu… Are you awake?”

Even if not for that whispering voice, Kame would know... Already that touch was too familiar not to recognize the other one. Or maybe… Maybe that he was just dreaming foolishly.

“Jin...?” he let the name slip from his lips uncertainly.

“Who else, Turtle?” the young gunman replied softly. "Hold on a second, I´ll cut these off."

Kame took a deep breath, despite it cost him a new wave of stabbing pain in his back: “Jin… He´s waiting... for you... Be careful…”

“I know,” there was a dark reply and then a skillful hand started to cut the rope clutching Kame´s wrists.

Jin kept pressing the blade against the thick straps, trying to cut through as quickly as possible, without harming the younger one´s hands. They had already lost too much time by searching for the right spot to get down that damn slope, while avoiding the guards constantly. It was really risky to try getting away with Kame, when the dark would stop covering their movements soon, but he just couldn´t bring himself to let the younger one remain in Grenet´s hands for even one more day.

He noticed that Kazuya´s voice was not only very quiet, but also constrained with some strange tension, and the reason for that bothered Jin. But getting out of the quarry was the first in line… A little concerned, he glanced at the Indian tied to the second stake; they didn´t need any unnecessary attention at all. But the red man remained absolutely still, with his chin falling down to chest and didn´t seem to take notice of anything around him.

Finally, even the last fiber gave in under the sharp dagger and Kame´s hands were free. The younger one sighed and collapsed. But Jin expected that and supported him circling an arm around his chest, while Kame´s chin fell on his shoulder.

Jin let the dagger slip into the sheath on his belt, hugged the slim form with the other hand as well and tried to look to Kame´s face: “Can you…” he started, but didn´t finish the question. He realized that his palms on Kame´s back were wet and brought one of them closer to his eyes to look at it. In the glimpse of a distant lantern, he saw that it was of a bloody dark color.

“What the hell…?” he breathed out terrified and looked back at the stake. And then, with widened eyes, he ran over the surface with his fingers. “That son of a bitch…”

Somehow, Kame collected himself a bit and used the support of Jin´s arms to straighten up: “It´s all right… I can walk,” he assured him whispering.

Jin gritted his teeth in silent anger and pulled one of Kame´s arms around his shoulders. Then they set off on a hasty escape towards the spot, which Jin had used for half-climbing, half-running down the hill, while the guards behind their backs were still chasing the horses all around the quarry.

Kame´s breathing was heavy and he kept stumbling on uncertain legs, but he managed to keep pace with Jin, who was searching through the shadows behind the buildings along the way, still expecting some gunmen popping out of there and noticing them. But in the end, the danger came from behind…

They were just a couple of meters from the rope; Jin could already see it faintly, the yellow line against the rocks. But suddenly, a single gunshot thrilled the silence in the valley. Without any warning, without any sign that would alarm them...

Jin cried out in pain, as his right leg buckled under him and sent him to his knees. He dragged shocked Kame along and they both ended up kneeling on the ground.

Jin knew that if he pressed a hand against his thigh now, it would get soiled by his own blood this time; he felt the warm trickles welling from the gunshot wound on his right leg. But his instincts worked and he reached for his revolver instead, while Kame pulled the second one from its sheath on the other side of Jin´s belt. But they managed to turn only half way, when a source of light appeared from behind the last building they were supposed to pass and three more bullets dug into the ground, just inches away from them, sending hails of sand into the air.

“I would not do that, boys,” a tall figure popped out from the dark, as if the man was always there. And he was not alone. All around the speaker, one after another, the lantern lights appeared, being carried by other gunmen, who ran up to them from all directions. “Don´t make me kill you right away, that would be such a shame,” the shark smile gleamed in the play of flickering lights with the waning night.

Jin kept aiming at the speaker, who was definitely the one shooting him, but Kame´s hand wavered, when he noticed two other gunmen with rifles already right behind their backs.

“Jin…” he whispered hoarsely.

By the corner of his eye, the older one spotted their situation as well; they were screwed. Grenet was really waiting, with more guards hidden in the dark, expecting his foolish attempt to rescue Kame.

“Drop them!” Grenet hissed, coming closer in the circle of his underlings and he aimed his revolver at Kame, while looking at Jin. “Seems I´m out of practice… I was aiming for your knee, you little motherfucker. But I can try again with baby boy, can´t I?”

Jin stared into that face contorted with a disgusting smirk and wanted nothing more than for Kazuya to be somewhere completely else at that moment. He could clearly imagine destroying that smirk with a big bloody hole instead of Grenet´s nose, but the younger one´s presence stopped his finger on the trigger. He forcefully released his held breath and Kame noticed it.

Without a word, or even a glance between the two, both revolvers were lowered and thrown to Grenet´s feet. There was nothing they could do against those numbers, against all those barrels aiming at them, but to surrender.

“Good boys…” their odious enemy praised them caustically.

Only now, Jin looked at Kame kneeling next to him, meeting the other´s eyes right away.

Don´t give up… he tried to send Kame a silent message.

I won´t, the younger one´s look assured him.

“You´re earlier than I expected, Akanishi. But still – expected,” Grenet emphasized and gestured his men to capture them.

Four gunmen grabbed their arms and pulled Jin and Kame up on their feet roughly, making them both hiss in pain from different reasons.

“Take our pretty face back to the stake, I´m sure he misses it already,” Math Grenet started giving out the new orders with an awfully satisfied grin all over his face. “And tie our sharpshooter downstairs; I´m gonna get to him, once I have some sleep finally. The three of you – search the hills above the quarry, I´m sure he has that bloody stallion somewhere around. I want that beast alive, is that clear? So, get moving!”

Everything squeezed inside Jin seeing Kame being dragged back to that awful thing. Their plan A failed and they both would pay for it, but he was much more worried for the younger one than for himself. Their only chance was Koki now…

Many hours passed since Grenet´s underlings dragged him into the spacious room on the ground floor of the main building of the quarry, encouraging him with kicks and hits on the way, and tied him to one of the chairs. The smelly space seemed to serve as the local taproom, with the long shelf filled with alcohol bottles behind even longer wooden board placed over two empty barrels, as some kind of substitute for a real bar counter. The room was also furnished with a few battered tables and chairs in even worse shape. The light was getting inside through two dirty windows, revealing the dust in the stinky air. Its lazy dance was stirred every time one of his two guards walked across the taproom, to grab another drink or just from pure boredom.

With the slowly flowing time, the quarry got busy; Jin could hear many voices outside, as well as the rumble of heavy carts and tools for mining. He also noticed the bell, which called all the workers for lunch and then for the next part of their shift again. His guards changed after that. They were heavy smokers and probably found funny to blow the smoke right into his face. Jin ignored them. He had enough to do with himself.

His leg hurt as hell, but didn´t bleed anymore. Grenet ordered one of his men to tie some rag around it; he obviously didn´t want his captive to bleed to death. He also had some bruises from the beating, but that was forgettable. He was thirsty though, more with each hour and that made him think about when was the last time Kame had something to eat or drink…

Jin expected that vicious bastard to enter the taproom any minute, but it was as if Grenet wanted to catch up on the sleeping deficit because of the night watch. During the long waiting, his anger hid itself somewhere deep inside, and the anxiety showed its teeth at him instead. He couldn´t stand when he could do nothing at all, just wait. And meanwhile, Kame was tied up to that damn stake.

“Who would say that you´re really as stupid as to run right into my hands?”

Paradoxically, Jin almost felt relieved, when he finally heard that mocking voice. All his senses woke up at once, and he held his breath for a while, when the jingling steps entered the room. And right after that he got horrified, when he noticed that the daylight was weakening again. No wonder his limbs were so stiff; Grenet let him ponder his cheerless situation for the whole day. And Kame… Kame was still out there…

Math Grenet moved another chair to place it right in front of Jin and gestured one of his goons, that young boy, about whom Jin had a feeling that he had already seen him before, to prepare a drink for him. Then his cold eyes focused on the tied gunslinger again.

“What a rare visit you two made,” Grenet grinned, as he crossed his legs, making himself comfortable. “I hope you find your accommodation nice enough?”

The anger was right back; Jin felt it boiling in his stomach and then also in his chest. Just looking at that bastard was awakening his darkest emotions. He clenched his jaws and didn´t react, trying to find any kind of balance in that whirl, which appeared inside him and brought back everything that he would rather forget.

Grenet emptied a glass of whiskey, which he accepted from that familiar boy and pushed it right back into his hand: “One more, I´m thirsty after that nap.”

The thin boy nodded and headed back behind the ´counter´.

“Sorry to make you wait,” the former deputy sneered. “But I wanted to be fresh for you… Not to mention that our pretty face needed more time to cool down,” he added darkly.

Jin clenched the restraints of his chair, to which his wrists were tied, feeling an urge to bury his heel to that hundred-time-damned smile.

“Both of you used to be more talkative,” Grenet snorted. “Aren´t you happy to see me again, Akanishi?”

“Have you ever seen yourself?” Jin grunted through the clenched teeth.

“That wasn´t very polite,” the gunman finished another glass in one go and impatiently demanded a cigarette. “You´re as cheeky as your girly friend.”

For his own inner amusement, Jin felt even proud to hear it. He could imagine that Kame didn’t give Grenet anything for free, that was also probably why he was at that stake...

“Never mind…” Grenet noted lazily. “I´ve got time to play with both of you now.”

Jin hated that tone the gunman used, just as his whole being, but he could do nothing to release it, so he felt like suffocating on that feeling.

“I owe to both of you something, for all those troubles in Bozeman, but we´ll get to that,” the smoking man assumed. “First of all, are you gonna tell me where is all that cash you stole from Tabor?”

Jin stared at that bastard for a while. Grenet was interested even in that? But how could he…? Ah, of course, he realized, the newspapers. And seeing us together with my brother, he figured we were the part of it.

“Greedy, aren´t you?” he reacted in a disgusted tone.

“I take all I can get. It´s a very convenient rule, Akanishi, I guarantee it. So? Where is it?”

“I don´t have it, obviously,” Jin retorted.

Grenet leant forward: “Don´t play with me, or you will learn your lesson just as Kamenashi did,” he snapped threateningly. “I know you two joined the Black Riders. Helping out your little brother, huh? I suppose he has the money now.”

“Even if that was the case, I have no damn idea where he is,” Jin informed him coldly.

“Really? You had a fight or what?” Grenet smirked.

“Exactly,” he confirmed without hesitation. It was only for better if Grenet believed that they had not much in common.

“What about?”

“That´s not your fucking business,” Jin replied dryly.

Grenet just looked to the side, moved with his head a little and in the next moment, a well-directed blow hit Jin´s chin. He bit his tongue and felt the blood flooding his mouth.

“Seems I have to start with lessons again,” Grenet announced acting tired and got up. “Bring him,” he ordered someone and leant over the temporary bar, looking at Jin who just spat out blood on the floor. “You boys have no fucking manners at all…”

Very shortly after that, the steps of the guards returned and they were bringing in someone with them.

“Here…” awfully smirking Grenet gestured.

The gunmen dragged a little staggering young man alongside Jin and before they turned him, he got to see his teared and bloody shirt. And then also his face… Jin´s heart skipped a beat. Kame´s head was lowered, but still it was visible how pale he was and his lips dry. He hung in the grip of the guards, as if he was not able to stand himself.

“This is such a nice view,” Grenet evaluated quite amusedly. “To have both of you here together. Finally, we can set the bill, boys.”

Jin ignored him and kept trying to catch Kame´s look, but he couldn´t even tell if the younger one had his eyes open or not, with the hair falling deep into his face.

“I must say I´m impressed how quickly you rushed for our baby boy´s rescue, Akanishi…” Grenet let the smoke from another cigarette fill his lungs. “He has a pretty ass, that´s for sure, but to be so eager to jump into the pit right away?” he pierced Jin with his eyes. “But you have always been kinda fool, right?”

It took Jin hell a lot of efforts to remain quiet. Grenet threw the rest of the cigarette away, gulped down another drink and pulled the dagger somewhere from behind his belt. Jin´s own dagger, to be precise.

“So, once again – where is that cash?”

Only silence replied him.

“Nothing? Not even you?” Grenet looked at Kame. Then he made a step closer to him, playing with the blade. “I bet you missed my company out there, baby boy, didn´t you?”

Grenet grabbed Kame´s chin and pushed his head up roughly. Kazuya´s eyes were open and in contrary to his appearance, there was a lot of life in them. And they were shining with the same hatred as Jin´s. The quarry´s boss laughed and sent both gunmen aside. Somehow, Kame remained standing and Grenet leant his hand over his shoulder.

“I bet you´re glad your boyfriend arrived, aren´t you?”

For a second, Kame´s alarmed eyes flicked towards Jin and his dark expression made a step back to make space for fear. But Grenet was just obviously having a lot of fun.

“Should I let him watch while I play with you, what do you say?”

Jin saw, how Kame faltered under the pressure of Grenet´s elbow, how that disgusting bastard approached with the blade to Kame´s neck, how he whispered something right into Kame´s ear and how the younger one shivered. And the cup of Jin´s self-control overflew.

“Don´t touch him.”

The greyish look turned towards him with a vicious shine. Grenet was obviously drunk already, but that didn´t make him any less dangerous, more the contrary.

“Why?” he asked with a slimy smile. “You want to fuck him yourself?”

Such a strong repulsion and horror shook with Jin that for a second he forgot in what situation he and Kame were. The warning look of Kame´s eyes was not enough to stop Jin´s hatred from spilling out.

“Get away from him or I´m gonna fucking kill you, you damn piece of shit!!”

Math Grenet didn´t move or say anything for a moment. And then his lips spread in a victorious smile: “You. Kill. Me? In your dreams, Akanishi…” that creep moved away from Kame and slowly, as a predator, walked to Jin. “And you won´t see that even in those, because I´m bringing back your worst nightmare,” he emphasized with his face only inches from Jin´s.

Any other words stuck in Jin´s throat, when Grenet suddenly stood by the side of his chair and grabbed his elbow.

“It will be better to start with you anyway… Where did we end the last time? I see your nails grew back up quite nicely,” the gunman´s grin was almost devilish now.

Jin took a shaky breath; he couldn´t suppress the influence of the painful memories anymore.

“Shall we rip them off again? Or even better, let´s try the whole fingers. I wonder if they would grow back,” Grenet laughed at his own disgusting joke.

Jin was flooded with horror, when he realized that Grenet was deadly serious. His throat was so squeezed that he couldn´t even talk, but Kame could.

“That´s enough!” the younger one´s voice was hoarse, but loud as he suddenly moved, staggering across the floor and almost reaching Grenet before two gunmen stopped him. “Let him be!”

“You´re cute, baby boy, but that´s not enough to persuade me,” Grenet reacted mockingly and let the blade run over Jin´s forefinger, just to leave a thin scratch behind, but still Jin felt how all the blood disappeared from his face. “There´s a lesson needed, right, Akanishi? So, which one goes off first? You choose.”

Kame struggled against the grip of his captors desperately, not making their task of holding him back easy at all: “Stop it, Grenet! Don´t do this!”

But that brutal criminal enjoyed the situation only more thanks to their reactions: “Unfortunately for you, baby boy, I can do whatever the hell I want with you two. This will hurt a little, Akanishi, but if you name it, you will know which one it´s gonna be.”

Jin was taking shallow breaths, not being able to find enough oxygen in the stiff air and didn´t utter a word, while those devil eyes were laughing at him.

“No? You can´t decide? Okey, I´ll pick one then! This will be fun. Hold him,” Grenet ordered Marty standing behind the chair.

Jin felt a hard grip on both his shoulders pushing him down and then a disgusting touch of that bastard. A damn cold knife reached to his fingers again and he was about to vomit.

“No!” Kame yelled. “I´ll do what you want, just stop!!”

The sharp blade stopped moving, but it remained pressed against Jin´s pinky finger. Grenet raised his head and his predatory look pierced Kame, whose eyes were wide and dark.

“Now you´ve got my attention, baby boy…” Grenet´s grin couldn´t be any wider anymore. “What did you just say?”

“Don´t hurt him…” Kame breathed out heavily. “And I will do whatever you ask.”

Finally, Jin pushed away the anxious image of his fingerless hand and grasped the meaning of those words: “Kame… no…” he gasped.

“Ssh, Akanishi, it´s seems he really likes you, so you should just shut up.”

Grenet hid the knife and then he made two steps closer to Kame.

“Sounds interesting, baby boy. We may have a deal… So, if your precious Akanishi´s fingers remain unharmed, you´re willing to become my toy?”

“Yes…” Kame replied in an unsteady voice.

“You will do anything at all?” Grenet continued asking, as if it was not enough for him.

The younger one´s posture suddenly slackened and he closed his eyes, as if he wanted to avoid Jin´s wide look.

“Yes,” he confirmed quietly.

Grenet burst out laughing: “Bloody hell, I didn´t even imagine how amusing you two will be! Let him go, guys, he will be obedient now, right?”

Jin felt sick again, when Grenet placed an arm over Kame´s shoulders and the younger one didn´t move away despite being free.

“Oh my, you love him, don´t you, baby boy?” it seemed that Grenet was full of self-amusing jokes for that evening. “What a heartbreaking love story we have here, what do you think, guys?“

Grenet´s underlings laughed obediently enough, only that young McFly boy didn´t seem to be very amused and he didn´t even bother to pretend it. Kame kept silent, resignedly bearing Grenet´s closeness and staring at the dirty floor.

“You should be really grateful, Akanishi, you know?” Grenet focused at Jin again with an awful smirk. “Nothing could break him, only you.”

Grenet´s words resonated in Jin´s head and awoke a dull pain in his chest. That was right; Kame would not have given up his resistance against Grenet´s demands if not for his arrival. Anything what was about to happen to the younger one from that moment on, was his own fault, only his.

“Let´s move somewhere else, baby boy. It took you long enough already,” Grenet pushed unresisting Kame to the side roughly, away from the bar.

Horrified Jin found some breath to speak again: “It´s me you want your revenge on, right?! So, bring it on, you son of a bitch!”

The insult earned him another hit from sturdy Marty, so strong that Jin had a suspicion he would pay for it with one of his teeth.

“Correction, Akanishi – I want to repay, both of you,” satisfied Grenet turned to him from the stairway clutching Kame´s elbow painfully. “And for this moment, baby boy gave me a way better offer for that than you. Guys, be nice and make him company until I´m back.”

Before Grenet hustled the younger one up the stairs, Jin managed to catch the last look of Kazuya´s eyes. And those eyes belonged to someone, who was reconciled with his fate, but at the same time, they were filled with that loving warmness, which always made Jin feel blessed.

Once some unseen door upstairs closed with a heavy slam, Jin realized that he was shaking despite being immobilized by the firm ropes. One part of him couldn´t believe that this was really happening, while the other was going crazy with worries for Kame. He had already felt helpless a few times in his life, but that was nothing comparing to what Jin felt now… Kazuya was going to sacrifice himself for him and there was nothing he could do about it.

Grenet´s underlings were messing about around the taproom, snorting some quiet remarks on their boss´ address. They all ignored him except for Marty, who settled in the chair used by Grenet before and literally stared at Jin, as if the gunman was waiting for Jin´s attempt to escape or what, which was totally impossible.

Jin was trying hard to regain some composure, but it was a heavy task with his mind filled with imaginations of what Grenet might be doing with Kame. He was almost literally choking with anger on his own stupidity and wondered what the hell happened to Koki and their plan B. What was the Rider doing for the whole damn day?

He didn´t realize that he was clenching his fists so hard that his nails hurt the skin under them to blood. He was subconsciously trying to catch some sounds from the upstairs, where Grenet led Kame, but he didn´t hear a thing. That silence was unbearable, but he thought so only until some noise was actually heard. A sharp smacking sound and then a hollow hit, as if something or somebody fell on the floor. His guards raised their heads, but since there was no yelling from their boss coming, they returned to their whiskey and cards right after that.

Jin´s head was spinning, his inners clenching with anxiety and his heart was overfilled with fear. His Kazuya was getting hurt, only a few meters away, and he was just sitting there, doing nothing. Jin was falling into the pit of helplessness and it felt as if there was no way out of it.

Kame tried to calm his mind down, while being led up the stairs, and then inside one of two small rooms squeezed between the taproom and the ´office´ at the top floor of the building. But it was not possible.

He was too exhausted from the whole day spent tied up to the stake and too shaken by the confrontation between Grenet and Jin. He couldn´t stop the inner shivering, which got stronger with his imagination running ahead of time, showing him what was about to happen in that dark room. The strong grip, which made him feel like a trapped animal, disappeared, when Grenet turned to close and lock the door.

His tormentor put down a kerosene lamp, which he took from the wall in the corridor and walked to the window, lighting up a cigarette on the way. He leant over the windowsill and buried his eyes into Kame, who remained standing near the door.

Trying to focus his mind on Jin, who was, at least for the moment, spared from Grenet´s horrible ideas, Kame took a breath and repaid that calculative stare. And somehow, to his own surprise, he managed not to falter. He felt more anxious with each second, but he was not afraid. His hate towards that evil man was greater than any fear.

Even though he didn´t glance that way, down to the man´s hips, he knew that Grenet still had his gun belt. There was a revolver and a dagger on it. If not for Jin downstairs, Kame would have jumped for it right away no matter the consequences. Just looking at Grenet´s satisfied smile made him feel sick.

“I must admit I was really looking forward to this, baby boy. You tried so hard to avoid me, you resisted so much, but look at you now…” Grenet stated mockingly. “I´ve told you I´m not done with you.”

Kame didn´t react; he was saving up his strength and despite looking directly at Grenet, he was also trying to pay attention to his surroundings, searching for anything in the room, which would help him get rid of that bastard noiselessly. He had no intention of submission to Grenet for real. There was no way he would believe the word of somebody like him. Grenet was planning to keep torturing Jin, no matter what Kame would do to please him.

Out there, while they were kneeling on the ground, he silently promised Jin not to give up. They still had hope; they still had a chance to get out of this. Unless his own sight deceived him downstairs and that face he glimpsed in the window was really Koki, all he had to do was to play for time. Kame was sure that the blonde Rider would not leave them in the lurch for long. So, his biggest issue was Grenet now. He couldn´t use a gun, even if he got his hands on Grenet´s revolver; that would alarm the others downstairs. He had to figure out another way…

“Does he fuck you?” the question was so sudden, that Kame was not able to cover his surprise. All that time Grenet mocked their possible relationship, but this time it was such a straightforward guess… “He does, right?” the gunman smirked. “I wouldn´t guess Akanishi for that, really, he definitely liked girls back in Bozeman. But he seemed just a bit too upset about an idea of me molesting you.”

Kame constricted his lips, trying to keep his breathing steady. It was like Grenet knew precisely what to say to get him out of balance.

“It´s something about you, baby boy, you know?” the man continued, enjoying his dominance over the situation. “I doubt Akanishi would ever even think about touching a man, if not for you. It´s just that you´re so fucking pretty.”

Kame stood there thunderstruck. He knew that he just should not listen to that crap, but still it sow doubts in him, just a seed, which was definitely about to bother him later…

“Will you show me what you did to seduce him?” the smoking man challenged him.

“You´re disgusting,” swinging on the waves of emotions, Kame couldn´t stop himself from reacting.

Grenet´s expression darkened: “Still not obedient enough, baby boy… Get undressed,” he ordered him without any smirk. “Now,” he emphasized, when Kame didn´t move right away.

Very slowly, as he wanted to delay the inevitable, Kame raised hands to the buttons of his shirt, while the gunman never stopped watching him. He lowered his eyes while doing it, trying to estimate the distance to the chair and table at the wall, and also between himself and Grenet. He pulled the shirt down, not being able to suppress the painful hiss, when the cloth tore some of the scabs on his back.

“You can keep those, for now,” Grenet stopped him suddenly, when Kame reached for his trousers.

The gunman doused the rest of his cigarette, unbuckled his own belt and threw it at the small table impatiently, along with the colt and dagger. Kame´s eyes glanced that way only for a tiny imperceptible moment.

“On your knees, baby boy,” Grenet stated in a tone, which didn´t let space for any objections. “I´m curious what else you can do with that tongue of yours except talking…”

This time, Kame´s stomach really threatened him with vomiting its non-existing content out. He couldn´t bring himself to move even an inch.

“Or you´d rather us to return to your boyfriend? And this time, I would let you choose, which finger to take as the first one,” Grenet growled impatiently.

- To be continued -
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